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NTSB and ACA Recommendations, 2010:
ACA asked to provide safety recommendations to
Public Benefit Flying Groups

Following four accidents over the last few years involving volunteer pilots the NTSB sent the Air Care Alliance a letter on June 9, 2010 with their recommendations for improving the safety of volunteer pilot patient transport operations, for communication to our members and to the other groups we list.  See the link below for the letter.

Representatives of ACA and a number of groups had already discussed in a special safety meeting and in our conferences how the groups might support the enhanced safety of their members' flights.

Following receipt of NTSB's Safety Recommendation Letter A-10-102 through A-10-104 the Air Care Alliance circulated NTSB's recommendations and solicited input from all the groups. A number of individuals from different groups then participated in the development of a response.

Taking into account the comments received from the groups and other interested parties ACA has developed the  recommendations below and cites them in our response to the NTSB.  See these documents below.


We thank Angel Flight Central for hosting our first safety meeting regarding this issue, Bruce Landsberg and the Air Safety Foundation for speaking at our conferences and collaborating with us regarding the new safety program, EAA for hosting our final meeting of group representatives at Air Venture 2010, and all the participating groups for sending us their comments and recommendations.

We look forward to the continued involvement of all the public benefit flying groups in helping develop an enhanced culture of safety among all the pilots who fly to help others. We ask that as you find ways to implement these recommendations and develop your own procedures that you share them with us and the other groups. What any volunteer pilot or group does can affect how well all of us are able to serve the needs of patients and our communities in the future.


Jeff Kahn, Chair - Legal and Regulations Committee

Lindy Kirkland, President, and Chair - Safety Committee

Rol Murrow, Chairman,

Air Care Alliance


Review these documents:

NTSB Safety Recommendation Letter A-10-102 through A-10-104 to the Air Care Alliance  


ACA Response Letter to NTSB September 7, 2010 


ACA recommendations to all Volunteer Pilot Organizations September 7, 2010 



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