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2006 Awards




National Public Benefit Flying 2006 Awards Program

presented by 

The National Aeronautic Association

in association with the Air Care Alliance

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One of the six Public Benefit Flying Award plaques presented at the ceremony in the United States Capitol Building
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Representatives of Many Groups Received the Public Benefit Flying Award for Achievement, for the work of their pilots providing Hurricane Relief in 2005.  September 11, 2006.
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The National Public Benefit Flying Awards Program is presented by the National Aeronautic Association in partnership with the Air Care Alliance.  The awards were presented September 11, 2006 in a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

NAA is a non-profit, membership organization devoted to fostering opportunities to participate fully in aviation activities and to promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States. NAA is the caretaker of several major aviation awards and it certifies all world and national aviation records set in the United States. For information visit its website at www.naa.aero.

The Air Care Alliance is a league of volunteer-based public benefit flying organizations, serving to enhance and promote their work. Its website is www.aircareall.org. 

We will be publishing photographs and more information about the 2006 awards shortly.  In the meantime please see the announcement of the awards on the NAA Site at this link.


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