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Headline News:

Come to our Air Care 2013 conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on April 26-27, 2013, at the beautiful Hotel Albuquerque! Stay tuned to our Air Care 2013 Page for further information - and be sure you are on our quarterly newsletter list.
The Air Care Alliance and AOPA Foundation’s Air Safety Institute have released the new Public Benefit Flying Online Course.  The course, named "Public Benefit Flying: Balancing Safety and Compassion," is a highly professional online course designed for volunteer pilots and staff members of public benefit flying groups to become familiar with safety and operational issues. Read about it and follow the link to it at News Release 10-22-12.  Taking the course will lead to a completion certificate for Wings credit.

The 2012 National Public Benefit Flying Awards were presented at the U.S. Capitol Building on September 13, 2012. Visit our 2012 Awards Page for details to date.

Our National Conference Air Care 2012 was held on April 13 - 14, hosted by Pilots for Patients in beautiful New Orleans!   View the archived information and complete schedule at our Air Care 2012 Page.

Air Care Alliance Presents Check to AOPA Foundation for Online Safety Course for Volunteer Pilot Operations at AOPA SUMMIT.  See New Release 11-12-10 
EAA AirVenture 2010: Meeting re NTSB Recommendations and Call for Volunteers to speak about public benefit flying. See Bulletin 7-7-10.
NTSB Issues Three Safety Recommendations following investigations of accidents. Volunteer Pilot Groups are asked to provide comments.  See Bulletin 6-16-10.
The Air Care Alliance Announces a new President, Charles L. “Lindy” Kirkland See the complete story here

Hurricane and disaster relief aid - Updated for the Haiti earthquake effort:
     Pilots and others have asked how they could help following the devastation caused by earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, and other major emergency situations.
We are collecting information about participation in relief efforts and best procedures to follow.  We will update this as we learn more.
     Please be sure to read the information on our Relief Info Page which contains special guidelines for helping during emergencies. 
Much of the general aviation relief work will be done through groups listed on our Listings Page.
     However much of the actual greatest need will be for funds to pay for relief and rebuilding efforts. Before donating to a charitable group we recommend that you evaluate its reputation and fundraising practices.  Most nonprofit groups have listings on Guidestar http://www.guidestar.org or other charity evaluation sites. ALSO: If you have identified a general aviation oriented relief organization worthy of support please let us know about it.

Again: be sure to read our Relief Info Page which contains special guidelines for helping during emergencies.  

FAA AIR TOUR RULES ANNOUNCED: Volunteer Pilot Public Benefit Flying Missions Untouched by New Regulations.  - February, 2007.

FAA makes changes in proposed rules as requested by the Air Care Alliance.

On February 13, 2007, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published its final “National Air Tour Standards” regulations.   In response to comments and testimony given in Washington by the Chairman and the Regulations Committee Chairman of the Air Care Alliance, the FAA withdrew a proposed amendment to FAR §61.113 that would have created confusion and potential regulatory and insurance problems for volunteer pilots.

FAA’s explanation of the final rule, while in other sections still somewhat confused on various other types of charitable operations such as local fundraising sightseeing flights, emphatically restated its policy on volunteer patient transport flights and other community service missions:

"Additionally, nothing in the old rules and nothing in this new rule prohibits a private pilot from taking a sick or injured person from point to point as long as it is not for compensation or hire. By longstanding enforcement policy, the FAA has allowed aircraft operators who take a charitable tax deduction to transport a sick or injured person without that operator having an air carrier certificate. No other form of compensation may be received. "

We are very pleased with FAA’s continued support of charitable public benefit flying.

Note: the Air Care Alliance worked with FAA in 1993 to establish the current policy regarding uncompensated public benefit flights. You may read the details about this on the following page in our Regulations Section: FAA Policy and the Tax Deduction Issue

Prior Photos - National Public Benefit Flying Awards

Awards were given to groups or individuals honoring them for their achievements and contributions supporting volunteer flying. See the awards page.

Air Care Alliance representatives speak out at FAA Hearing on National Air Tour NPRM - Washington, D.C. May 11, 2004:

ACA Legislative & Regulations Committee Chairman Jeff Kahn and ACA Chairman Rol Murrow joined representative of most national General Aviation groups to protest a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking issued by the FAA.  ACA was concerned that new language directed at "public service" groups could be misinterpreted to jeopardize volunteer pilot operations. In addition to proposing alternate language regarding public benefit flying, ACA asked that the NPRM be withdrawn and that a proper user input process be employed to find more effective solutions for safety needs of sightseeing operations.

Also - read a Flight Following Newsletter.  

Our January 2003 issue features stories about how the Flight Explorer service may have saved a life, how several volunteer pilot groups joined forces to transport a very sick baby, and more!

Volunteer Pilots Responded to September 11 Crisis:  

A number of magazines have printed stories about the more than two hundred relief flights and other missions flown in the hours and days following the terrorist attacks. For example, please see AOPA Pilot's article "CAP, Volunteer Pilots Give Mercy" in the AOPA Members Only Pilot Briefing section at: http://www.aopa.org/members/files/pilot/2001/news0112.html

bulletAlso, see the story "Angel Flight of Georgia Brings Help to Disaster Sites"  in the NBAA News Digest 
bulletAnother: "Red Cross Grateful to AirLifeLine Midwest Pilots" in a Red Cross Response article
bulletMore articles and links will be listed as we learn of them.  Please contact webmaster@aircareall.org with your suggestions.

More Articles and Events:

bulletAOPA PILOT MAGAZINE featured public benefit flying in the March 2001 issue!  Visit and read "Compassion in Action" by Michael Collins,  posted for public access on the AOPA site at http://www.aopa.org/pilot/features/2001/compassion0103.html  
bullet"Learn to Fly" article in July 2000 Air & Space Magazine discusses organizations providing information about flying and aviation career opportunities. For further information see our" About Flying" page

Air & Space Magazine also featured public benefit flying in their March 2000 issue!  See "Compassion Seven-One-Golf" at http://www.airspacemag.com/asm/mag/Index/2000/FM/C71G.html.

bulletRelated:  International Call Sign "COMPASSION" designated for Public Benefit Flying -  See details available from  REGULATIONS Page.


Air Care Conferences: At conferences like the Air Care 97 event shown above, representatives from groups from all over the U.S. gather to share ideas, discuss matters of common concern, and meet in goodwill and fellowship to further their common work.

For Webmasters and Media Representatives:

We appreciate any recognition you can give the work of the many volunteers and their organizations flying to help others!  For further information and leads for stories contact us at mail@aircareall.org.

ACA Graphic Logos Available: for groups wishing to provide a link to the ACA site several logo files are available.  They may be downloaded from the following page, along with some descriptive text which may be useful for your purposes:



Thank you for promoting the work of the volunteer pilots and their groups!

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