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There are about twenty different volunteer pilot groups or subgroups having Angel Flight in their names.  This page is intended to provide you some information about the various Angel  Flight groups because we receive many inquiries about the differences. 

Note that the only place you can find all Angel Flight groups listed is on the Air Care Alliance Listings Page, where all known charitable volunteer pilot organizations and similar charitable aviation groups are listed, including their contact information.

Decades ago there were several Angel Flight groups formed as chapters of a group called the American Medical Flight Support Team.  Later some disbanded along with the parent organization and others reorganized as local independent groups.  Some new groups also formed around the country under the name Angel Flight.  Some groups that formed under other names later decided to rename their groups using Angel Flight. And some of the groups expanded their areas of operation, changing their names to reflect their growth.

In 2000 six of the larger regional volunteer pilot groups formed a joint marketing and referral program called Angel Flight America, which refered a person who called any oneof those six groups to be referred to whichever group among them might be able to handle the request, including affiliated subgroups but not including unaffiliated Angel Flight groups.  Other Angel Flight groups not affiliated with Angel Flight America take their own requests and like all groups receive referrals from other groups and the Air Care Alliance listings.  As with most of the volunteer pilot groups, they may refer callers to any other groups or to the Air Care Alliance listings when they are unable to handle calls.

Later, because of the problem that Angel Flight America was judged to be inappropriately using that name while not representing other unaffiliated Angel Flight groups the name was changed to Air Charity Network. 

Patients, families, pilots, volunteers: to find all known volunteer pilot organizations including all known Angel Flight groups which might be able to provide patient transportation for the needy, fly blood or organs, help during disaster or emergency situations, provide introductory flights, or fly environmental support missions, please visit the Air Care Alliance Listings Page, your one-stop central source for information about public benefit flying.

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