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Air & Space Magazine kindly mentioned the Air Care Alliance as a possible source for information about flying and aviation careers.  As you may know from reading through our pages, the Air Care Alliance promotes and supports nonprofit flying groups which help others, mostly through the work of volunteer pilots and others.

There are many opportunities for those new to aviation to help in this effort, and possibly to get some enriching exposure to aviation in the process.  Many of the organizations and their pilots need volunteers to help coordinate missions, provide ground transport for patients arriving at airports (especially in rural areas), and often to help with right-seat airplane duties such as watching for other aircraft, assisting the pilot with navigational duties, and helping the patients during flight.

Such work provides a great opportunity to enjoy flying experiences and work with enthusiastic members of the aviation community at no cost other than the giving of one's time to help others.  We encourage you to review the listings of organizations found on this site, to view their websites if they have them, and to contact any of the groups which you find interesting to see if they have need for non-flying or student pilot volunteers.

We also encourage you to explore the other organizations listed in the Air & Space Magazine article, especially the national Be A Pilot campaign, which is supported by most of the national aviation organizations listed in the article.  They can tell you about learning to fly and steer you to flight schools in your area and also refer you to other organizations where you can obtain information about aviation careers.  Contact them at www.beapilot.com or 888-BE-A-PILOT.

Whoever you contact from our listings on this site, please be sure to tell them that Air & Space Magazine and the Air Care Alliance sent you!  

May all your flying experiences be pleasurable and rewarding for you, and for those you carry with you on your journeys.


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