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Deadline June 30, 2005.

The National Aeronautic Association sent nomination materials to the primary administrative offices of all public benefit flying groups in May, 2005, via U.S. Mail and follow-up email messages. Those offices have been asked to distribute the information to their chapters, affiliates, and subgroups.

All interested organizations are invited to submit a nomination for a worthy individual or effort involving volunteer pilot and aviation community service missions. Please follow the procedures below to submit your own nomination.


The National Public Benefit Flying Awards Program is presented by the National Aeronautic Association in association with the Air Care Alliance The Deadline for the 2005 Award Nominations is June 30, 2005 - see the Detailed Information below!

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) traces its roots to the Aero Club of America, founded in 1905. Since its beginning, NAA's primary mission has been the advancement of the art, sport, and science of aviation in the United States, including space flight. Through its annual national awards
program, NAA "celebrates the past," while at the same time recognizing the achievements of those who are developing technology and "inventing the future."

The NAA is famous for a number of nationally prominent awards that have been given since early in the history of flight, such as the Robert J. Collier Trophy, the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, the Frank G. Brewer award for aviation education, and the Elder Statesmen of Aviation awards. Full information about their awards programs can be found at www.naa.aero along with the criteria and procedures for these new national Public Benefit
Flying Awards.

NAA's first awards for Public Benefit Flying were presented on September 10, 2003, celebrating the service and accomplishments of the many volunteers in aviation who "fly to help others," performing missions of community and individual service. These awards were developed by NAA in association with
the Air Care Alliance. More than thirty nominations were received in 2003.

The NAA page describing the 2005 Awards can be viewed at


Or you can read here the following text from the NAA email announcement sent to the groups earlier this year:


Deadline June 30, 2005.

Call for Nominations
2005 Public Benefit Flying Awards
Presented by the National Aeronautic Association
In Association with the Air Care Alliance


The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) and the Air Care Alliance (ACA) have created a new set of national awards designed to recognize the contributions of Public Benefit Flying and the outstanding work of individuals, groups of individuals and organizations engaged in this humanitarian activity. The awards have been divided into five categories as outlined below. Interested individuals and organizations are invited to submit nominations in each of these categories.

I. Award Categories

Distinguished Volunteer Pilot - awarded to an individual or individuals for outstanding service as a pilot volunteer.

Distinguished Volunteer - awarded to an individual or individuals for outstanding service as a non-flying volunteer.

Outstanding Achievement in Support of Public Benefit Flying - for outstanding achievement by a group of individuals, or an organization, that helped raise the standard of service of or contributed significantly to the
advancement of Public Benefit Flying overall.

Public Benefit Flying Team Award - for outstanding cooperation and coordination involving two or more unaffiliated Public Benefit Flying organizations in the accomplishment of a common mission, task, or objective.

Champion of Public Benefit Flying - awarded to an individual, organization, or company who, while not operationally directly involved in Public Benefit Flying, has provided extraordinary support for such efforts and thus advanced the cause of Public Benefit Flying.

II. Category Criteria

Distinguished Volunteer Pilot: Performance that exceeds expectations and distinguishes nominee volunteers for their effort from others. Consider the amount and nature of effort, commitment, sacrifice, and impact on clients, organization and community.

Distinguished Volunteer: Performance that exceeds expectations and distinguishes non-pilot volunteers or their effort from others. Consider the amount and nature of effort, commitment, sacrifice, and the impact on
clients, organization and community.

Outstanding Achievement in Support of Public Benefit Flying: Outstanding contribution that advances the state-of-the-art, or raises the standard of service for public benefit flying. Consider the size, complexity, and
unusual value of the achievement and its positive impact on public benefit flying.

Public Benefit Flying Team Award: Exemplary collaboration involving individuals and/or unaffiliated and independent organizations in order to complete a task beyond the scope and resources of any one public benefit flying organization. Consider the size, complexity, and unusual value of the collaboration and its positive impact on public benefit flying.

Champion of Public Benefit Flying: For individuals or groups not directly or primarily involved in public benefit flying, for extraordinary support and contributions providing fair winds beneath the wings of public benefit flying organizations. Consider the nature and scope of the support itself and/or its impact on encouraging others to provide the necessary lift for public benefit flying.

III. General Criteria

Nominees must be either U.S. citizens or U.S. organizations.

Public Benefit Flying is defined as those activities, conducted largely by volunteers, in which a general aviation aircraft was used to assist the health and well being of individuals or groups of individuals or for the
benefit of the general public, and for which no fee was charged for the aircraft or for pilot services.

Awards are intended to honor the efforts of volunteers working in the field of public benefit flying, or those who support them, especially through voluntary work.

Awards may be granted to individuals, teams, groups, or organizations, as appropriate. The intent is to honor those providing volunteer service through personal accomplishment and commitment.

Awards may be based on just one or several extraordinary events or accomplishments or may be based on long term or lifetime achievement. This must be clearly expressed in the nominating materials.

IV. Nominating and Selection Process

Each primary administrative office for organizations appearing on the Air Care Alliance listing of all public benefit flying groups as of March 1, 2005 shall receive an invitation to submit one nomination for each of the
above named awards. Certain other organizations which are supportive of or commonly working with volunteers and their public benefit flying groups, or are knowledgeable in the field of aviation, may also be sent invitations, at the discretion of NAA.

Individuals may submit nominations for one or more of these awards by forwarding their nomination information to the primary administrative office of their own organization(s) for consideration as that organization's candidates.

Each nomination shall be limited to a maximum of five (5) printed pages and be in a form acceptable to NAA. The nomination package will include a cover sheet page with complete contact information for the nominee, the nominator, and two persons who are willing to act as references for the nominee. The
contact information shall include the name, title and/or affiliation, mailing address, telephone (work and home), and email address of each person. Justification for the award shall not exceed three pages in length. 

A final separate sheet containing a proposed award citation, not to exceed 30 words, summarizing the achievement meriting the award must be provided. 

The nomination, signed by an officer of the administering office of the organization(s), must be received by NAA at its offices no later than June 30, 2005 (1737 King Street, Suite 220, Alexandria, VA 22314). Full
information is available at http://www.naa.aero.

The selection committee will be comprised of prominent individuals and representatives of aviation organizations nominated by both the National Aeronautic Association and the Air Care Alliance. The committee will meet in July to select the winners for these new awards. Awardees will be honored at
a ceremony at the U. S. Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in September.

Nicole Regele
Director, Awards & Events
National Aeronautic Association
1737 King Street, Suite 220
Alexandria, VA 22314

703-812-8335 x103
Fax 703-527-0229


Thank you for helping the National Aeronautic Association and the aviation community honor those among us who have contributed the most to public benefit flying!

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